National Energy Policy: The Cheney Law Massacre


By Cassandra Anderson
September 1, 2011

liberty911rev_deesThe US National Energy Policy of 2005 was created under Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force in secret meetings; evidence shows that the energy industry influences foreign policy and may have led us into the Iraq War.  Cheney's National Energy Policy is also responsible for electricity deregulation scams, corporate welfare for energy producers and many other problems that we are still suffering from today.  Deregulated electricity problems in Texas and other states are a direct result of Cheney's National Energy Policy.

Cheney's Energy Task Force

In January of 2001, President Bush Jr. appointed Dick Cheney as head of the secret Energy Task Force that created the National Energy Policy.  Dick Cheney's National Energy Policy was developed in secret meetings with petroleum, coal, nuclear, natural gas, and electricity industry representatives and lobbyists including executives from Enron, Exxon-Mobile, Conoco, Royal Dutch Shell and BP Oil.

The secrecy of Cheney's Energy Task Force was maintained in a Supreme Court case, even though "Justice" Scalia should have recused himself because he went on a duck hunting trip with Cheney just prior to the hearing.  Scalia wrote, "If it is reasonable to think that a Supreme Court Justice can be bought so cheap, the Nation is in deeper trouble than I had imagined".  If it is true that Scalia can't be bought off, is it unreasonable to wonder if Cheney threatened to shoot Scalia in the face while hunting?

Prior to the Supreme Court ruling, Judicial Watch was able to obtain an Iraq oilfield and pipeline map through the Freedom of Information Act; the map & accompanying documents appear to a stake on claims in Iraq oilfields.  The documents were dated March 2001, SIX MONTHS PRIOR TO 9/11!

Last year, some documents were declassified that show that Bush/Cheney had plans to invade Iraq in January of 2001, EIGHT MONTHS PRIOR TO 9/11!  These documents along with the Iraq oil map make it reasonable to infer that the energy industry directs foreign policy to a large degree.

Remember, almost 3000 people died in the controlled demolition explosions on 9/11.  While the Iraqi death toll is not fully documented, it is possible that more than one million innocent civilian Iraqi people have been killed in our name.  The total cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars since 2001 amounts to over $1.2 trillion.  Cheney's Energy Task Force meetings may have been kept secret in order to cover up treason on the American people, for wars over oil.

Cheney's Energy Policies

cheney-enronWe have no information about the deals Cheney struck with energy industry insiders, but we are subject to the rules made in the National Energy Policy (NEP) and taxpayers continue to fund the program.  Here are some of the key goals from NEP with a short analysis:

  • Energy efficiency and conservation- the Smart Grid was created to consolidate power; Smart Meters monitor us and can turn energy off remotely; higher prices are another feature of this program.

  • Repairing and adding to the existing network of refineries, pipelines, generators and transmission lines- this serves 2 purposes: federal control over energy infrastructure and taxpayer funded corporate welfare for Cheney's pals.

  • Natural gas infrastructure improvement: 38,000 miles of new pipeline and 255,000 miles of distribution lines- Cheney created infrastructure benefiting fracking inventor Halliburton with taxpayer funded corporate welfare.  And Cheney benefited directly from his relationship with Halliburton.

  • Increasing energy supplies while protecting the environment- nice words, but green, clean and renewable energy sources like wind & solar are inefficient; they are "solutions" for phony global warming, an Agenda 21 objectives.  Interestingly, hydro-power dams, the cleanest source of electricity, are being destroyed while natural gas, extracted by fracking and touted as a 'clean' energy source, is promoted.

California Gets FERC'd

Enron made massive amounts of money in California by trading in energy derivative bets that were unregulated and open to corruption.  Then Enron manipulated energy loads and transmission in California, knowing when the shortages would occur, making insider bets and importing expensive short term energy contracts.

When California was held hostage by Enron in 2000/2001, Governor Gray Davis asked Dick Cheney, the head of President Bush's Energy Task Force, to cap emergency energy import prices, but Dick refused.  Dick was too busy colluding with these same energy companies in creating the National Energy Policy to be bothered with complaints about his co-conspirator Enron.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is an agency within the Department of Energy.  Neither the President nor Congress review FERC decisions and regulations.  FERC's decisions are reviewable in federal court.  FERC has jurisdiction over interstate (across state lines) transmission of electricity and wholesale interstate commerce.  This is a gross overreach of the federal government using the Commerce Clause.  Texas is the only state that is not under FERC jurisdiction.

Therefore, when Enron manipulated the electricity markets in California, FERC had jurisdiction and did nothing, thus allowing the plunder to continue.  Finally, Congress was pressured by public outrage to force FERC to step in and place regional price caps on energy.  Enron imploded shortly thereafter.

The Deregulation Scam

Energy is essential for modern life in industrial societies; phony deregulation is bad because customers are at the mercy of manipulated markets.  Deregulation is a scam because of government interferes in the market, the opposite of a true free market based on competition.  The pricing method changes in deregulated markets and protects energy producers; consumers always pay higher prices.

In regulated markets, electricity producers receive their costs plus an allowed profit.  Deregulated markets base pricing on the most expensive generator for energy output to meet demand, the standard practice in commodity trading.

For a full explanation of commodity price structure, read Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren's article here:

dick_cheney_indictedThe way to create a free market is to remove ALL government regulations, EXCEPT those that protect people's lives, liberty and property.

Accountability by corporate and government leaders would be the quickest way to get rid of corruption.  Imagine if Dick Cheney was in prison right now instead of a press junket, the corrupt corporate/government landscape would change overnight.

Deregulation and Plunder in Texas

The Texas heatwave in early August resulted in a 6000% increase in emergency energy costs due to a shortage caused by the Energy Reliability Council of Texas' (ERCOT) gross underestimate of summer electricity demand.  ERCOT is a quasi-governmental "non-profit" company that manages the grid and the marketplace for 85% of the state's customers.  Texas has been bilked out of at least $11 billion since the advent of deregulation.

ERCOT was created when Texas deregulated the electricity market in 2002  under a law passed by former Governor Bush.  ERCOT has a history of corruption (note: the report's criticisms of ERCOT appear accurate, but its author Oncor is compromised, too- they are Smart Meter pushers and are owned by Goldman Sachs, et al).

Enron, a private Houston based corporation and energy marketer, was the primary architect of deregulation in Texas.  Enron's Ken Lay was undersecretary of the Department of Interior, so he knew who to bribe to manipulate policies.  Enron excelled in lobbying for deregulation and spent over $8 million since 1998 in its home state with contributions (bribes) to both Bush and Rick Perry.

Texas unfairly bases its energy prices on natural ga instead of cheap coal prices using standard commodity pricing.  However, some critics believe that natural gas gets an unfair advantage because of insider corruption. 

Rick Perry says that he doesn't believe in global warming, but he took over $16 billion in Obama stimulus welfare for clean energy (natural gas produced by fracking is considered 'clean') and efficiency projects like Smart Meters that can cause cancer.  The primary reason given for clean/green/renewable energy is to lower the carbon footprint.

Solutions for Texas & Other Deregulated States

  1. California showed that massive public outrage and action are required for change.
  2. Rick Perry is ultimately responsible as the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is under his control. The PUC can direct ERCOT.
  3. The state legislature can draft new laws and defund the Public Utilities Commission.
  4. Energy reserves can be increased.
  5. Long term contracts limit high commodity prices.
  6. Transparency in pricing could cut costs (why not put a Smart Meter-type of production monitor on generators and make it open to public scrutiny?)
  7. Prices could be restructured based on supply and demand instead of commodity based pricing.
  8. Rick Perry, ERCOT and energy traders and producers must be held accountable.


Fracking is controversial because it has not been proven by an independent source to be safe.  Cheney's National Energy Policy prevents disclosure of chemicals that are used in fracking,  known as the Halliburton Loophole.  Cheney's Energy Policy does not allow use of diesel fuel in its chemical cocktails, but diesel fuel has been found in fracking fluid samples.  Texas is the first state to demand disclosure of fracking chemicals, but the law doesn't go into effect until 2013.  Both sides are lying about fracking; Josh Fox, 'Gasland' filmmaker failed to disclose that methane was in the water before fracking started in Colorado.  So, while most people support sensible economic development of resources, questions remain about the viability of fracking's safety and use of large quantities of water.

Agenda 21

Michael Shaw, president of explains how Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is implemented:

Wars, insurrection, intentional shortages, community planning and monetary scams are designed to economically crash America and the world while consolidating globalist power. Energy and other resource shortages help support the Agenda 21 call for control over people and natural resources.

Dick Cheney and George W. Bush were induced into full support for the globalist Agenda 21 when their mentor, George H. W. Bush Sr. signed the Agenda 21 Protocols. After that, Cheney directed contrived resource shortages. Make no mistake, Agenda 21 is the synthesis of the phony left/right dialectic designed to usher in political globalism. Americans have a right to be mad about predetermined threats coming from the controlled political parties.  In order to undo the destruction, we must be creative and committed.  Find out more about Agenda 21 solutions by visiting

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+7 #1 Don 2011-09-02 09:14
Hi Cassandra,

There's another Cheney disaster you didn't include in the article.

Cheney directly intervened to relax offshore well safety regulations so that BP wouldn't have to spend money on acoustic switch safety valves. The safety device that would have prevented the Gulf oil well blowout disaster.

Every other advanced country in the world requires these safety valves to be installed, and regulators were going to mandate them for platforms in US waters, until Cheney put the kibosh on the idea.

The devices cost around $500,000 per well. Cheney does it again! Saves his corporate buddies some money, and the taxpayer gets stuck with monster costs that will take a generation to pay off.
+2 #2 Casandra 2011-09-02 09:25
Hi Don- Thank you for the links- all of Cheney's crimes were too numerous to include and keep the article at a reasonable length, so in this one I was focused on electricity and natural gas. Next week, I will post an article about hydropower dams in this series analyzing electricity.
+3 #3 patrick rich 2011-09-02 10:45
Hello Cassandra, Thanks for another Eyeopening-Jawdropping article on this Traitor,he is a microcosm of all the other Gangbanger Gov't Scum. Thanks for All The Hard Work You Do For US All. Peace to you. You And We Are THE RESISTANCE
+1 #4 chay 2011-09-02 11:43
What if the current fracking in Pennsylvania is a direct cause of the earthquake in Virginia?
Where else is fracking going on?
It seems common sense is dead, because common sense would have prevented using nuclear power to boil water for power. Building plants that would only work for 30-40 years would never have happened. And allowing energy companies to be private owned and for profit would never have happened either. Surely profits are god!
+2 #5 Casandra 2011-09-02 11:59
Hi Chay- Unfortunately, we have no proof of whether fracking causes earthquakes, but some fracking operations were shut down in Britain in June 2011 based on the suspicion they were causing earthquakes. I agree with you about the short-sighted plan used to build nuclear reactors- it's really scary.

There is nothing wrong with making money or a profit. The crime is that there is not a true free market because of monopolies which can only exist thru gov't regulations. If privatization could deliver the highest quality safe energy with the lowest prices, I don't think anyone would oppose that. But we don't have a free market system. We have monopolies, burdensome regulations, exclusionary practices that favor political allies, taxpayer funded corporate welfare an on and on.
+1 #6 Peter Cunningham 2011-09-02 12:20
Once upon a time, when people in control behaved badly - "the people" did bad things to them. Nowadays we can only complain and then reward them. It's pretty obvious the real why governments don't want people to have firearms - one day a person or persons might swat the mozzies in our midst. In Australia we are suffering the same as you Yanks - difference being that we haven't YET screwed things up to the degree you lot have. And what's driving all this? "Green" agendas for supposedly "clean" power. And where does that agenda commence? Where else but the supposedly "United" Nations. Interesting times. Peter C
+1 #7 Chris Jackson 2011-09-02 16:18
The rich are absolutely sick and insane.
+3 #8 jjme23 2011-09-03 10:44
I pray for the day that we see that torturing murderous monster cheney in chains.

"If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and linch us." ... george bush...
0 #9 Jim Lampe 2011-09-09 17:14
re: Don and BP well

The Blow-out-preventer on the well was not tested properly, and the Feds did not inspect BP's records or they would have discovered this.

The spill was made a full blown disaster b/c the platform rolled over and tore 5,000' of pipe off of the Blow out preventer. This was caused by the Coast Guard allowing ships to keep pumping water on the rig after it had been abandoned by all crew. (The Coast Guard is responsible for all emergency response actions.)

It was BP's fault, but the result would have been worse if the gov was doing the drilling.

The spill and equipment had nothing to do with Cheney, it was BP's sloppy work and bad management that caused it.
+1 #10 Jim Lampe 2011-09-09 17:18
re: Fracking

The Pittsburgh Tribune had an article this week on fracking and the relationships with earthquakes. They found that the epicenter of the earthquakes were adjacent to the M. shale, and therefore would not be a cause of the earthquakes b\c there was no man made geological disturbances in those areas.

So at this point there does not seem to be a relationship.

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