Phil Hart: Declaring a State of Emergency

By Cassandra Anderson
November 28, 2011

Idaho State Representative Phil Hart became concerned about the federal government's illegal introduction of Canadian gray wolves in Idaho because they pose a public danger.  The federal government and Idaho agreed to allow a population of 100 wolves into the state, but the Canadian wolf population far exceeds that number now, and is estimated to be 1000 to 2000 wolves that can weigh as much as 140 to 180 pounds.  The federal government mismanaged the wolf program under the Endangered Species Act.

The wolves are now a very serious threat to humans and livestock because they carry disease and tapeworms.  Tapeworms from wolf feces can be fatal to humans; it is especially alarming that tapeworms can remain dormant for 20 years. 

Phil Hart, working with Dane vonBriechenruardt, director of the US Bill of Rights Foundation and a team of legislators including Judy Boyle, devised a creative plan to protect the people of Idaho: legislation was written to declare a State of Emergency to place the power with the State, removing it from federal agencies.  Declaring a State of Emergency can be used as a model for other issues that threaten life and property, and to preserve the 10th Amendment and States' Rights.

Just before the State of Emergency bill was to be signed into law, Congress de-listed the Canadian gray wolves, which transferred control from the federal government to the state.  It appears that the feds may have wanted to avoid a confrontation over the 10th Amendment.

Federal court jurisdiction is limited to federal statutes, so the feds would have had no authority if a State of Emergency was declared under State police power.

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+6 #1 amicus curiae 2011-11-29 04:59
Tapeworms used as a problem?
think about it
where do the wolves get Tapeworms from?
by eating infected animals ie the small rodents and game they eat :-)
so is the state willing to go worm all the wild critters?
we have dingos in Aus, they and foxes also cause much grief to farm animals, as well as escaped or dumped pets gone feral.
baiting with 1080 is the govt answer, its a lousy answer, apart from the extended duration before death in horrendous pain, the baits kill non target species and peoples pets.
Paid trackers and shooters is probably the kindest way to eradicate them.
Management of herds like bringing into the home block all calving cows and sheep is also smart, saves birthing deaths and animal attacks.
theres a good reason shepherds used to live out with the herds. time we looked at doing it again.
-9 #2 T bagg 2011-11-29 10:06
I think the point of the story is that the Feds backed down to State Power (10th Amendment) before the issues could be brought up through the federal court system.
-11 #3 Jimbo 2011-11-29 16:27
Bravo. Yeah, that Constitution stuff can really cramp an oppressors style.
That was the whole idea. Whatever traction the citizens are enjoying right now is rooted in the Constitution or framing their efforts in a negative light. We all know this move is persuant to the Wildlands Project. Ted Turner, a devout population reduction A21 cronie set a bunch of these pooches loose on his property. Phil Hart; a public servant serving the public, what a concept. Hope it catches on...quick!
+23 #4 LaughingAllTheWay 2011-12-03 07:54
If tapeworms from the family Canidae (wolves, jackals, foxes, dogs, etc) were a concern then then Fido would be a far, far greater concern. But please note that tapeworm infection in humans is rare in the US.

This is not unlike the NBC executive who claimed that failing to end streaming piracy (which I do not approve of) would put corn farmers out of business because movie pirates don't eat popcorn. Not only did he not know the difference between sweet corn and popcorn, but he doesn't know much about pirates either. Just making stuff up as he went along.
-21 #5 Cassandra 2011-12-03 08:28
Hello Laughing- Obviously you failed to read the link for tapeworms. And you missed Mr. Hart saying that there are already 2 suspected cases in humans in Idaho. I suggest you fully understand the issue before you make negative comments. Here is the link again, as you missed it the first time:
+2 #6 Amerikagulag 2011-12-07 14:45
Well that's one way to cut down on obesity!
+3 #7 Bowzer 2012-01-04 18:45
this is my first time ever hearing about any of this. but a few nights ago i had a dream i was being followed around by a pack of wolves and they stalked, attacked, and killed me, numerous times, until i woke up that morning. the next night I'm driving to Williams and at about 12:00am, in lake county, a wolf walks across the road, right in front of my car, stops to look at me, then keeps going, down towards the lake on the other side.
-6 #8 Bowzer 2012-01-04 18:50
the [censored] sprayed out of the planes expanded across the sky so quickly i barely even noticed it. what im getting at is this, i live on a reservation. my family and i are native american and we each own a different acre where some of us reside in this mendocino county area.
+4 #9 Bowzer 2012-01-04 19:02
now heres what i want to know, reservations are not part of the state. state law does not apply to reservations. only tribal and federal have say so when it comes to some things that do not apply to state jurisdiction within law 280
so can the feds just do whatever they want where i live since the state has no say so regarding what they like to call minore matters such as jet streams?
can they put wild animals in our backyards as if we wouldnt notice? cuz ive lived there since i was very young. the bears are long gone, and weve never had wolves, coyoes sometimes, and mountain ions, every few years, but i cant recall us ever having to worry about shyt like this. also why are all the horses an cows laying down? horses even stand in their sleep, i thought those animals stomachs turn over and they die eventually if they lay to long? when animals are acting weird,good thing the rez where i live isnt near a volcano, cuz i feel like there will be earthquakes
+5 #10 Gabe 2012-07-10 06:29
I am sorry but it actually makes me furious that humanity has trashed to wolf in so many countries. I believe that wolves are entitled to live among us, just as we are entitled to live on this planet. It is us....humans, who have ver-populated this planet.........we are not entitled to try to eliminate species such as the wolf simply because we humans CHOOSE to not control our OUT OF CONTROL BREEDING!

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