Hermosa Beach Assaults Its People, Votes for 5G



A city attorney presented the case to work around the city's prohibition of wireless facilities within residential zones in order to deploy 5G technology that she referred to "small cells".  Joe Imbriano, a local activist, told the council members that 5G technology utilizes millimeter waves that can be weaponized and is a carcinogenic compound that affects the central nervous system, blood chemistry, brain function, reflexes, cognitive function and even mitochondrial function.  He implored the council to follow Seattle's example and refuse to deploy 5G.  At 57:40 into the video, the city attorney was asked about the health effects, and she avoided answering the question by stating that federal law prohibits the city from regulating based on health effects.  She further stated that the city has zero power to regulate what wireless carriers do with the data that they collect on people.  Stacey Armato, the Mayor of Hermosa Beach, and council members Mary Campbell, Hany Fangary, Justin Massey and Jeff Duclos voted in favor of 5G technology despite the efforts and evidence presented by the concerned citizens against the needless technology.

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